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    Tuesday, 26 September 2017

    Editor's Pick | Let Me Crush: Poetry by Lus Aziz Ali

    Dear crush
    Like always, you might not be expecting this
    You probably never expect anything from me
    See I have tried figuring out how to move on
    But the only move I'm used to is loving you even more
    And even though this is only going to hurt
    All I request is for you to just let me crush

    You said you like me a lot but you're afraid it's not enough
    Well what you should know is, I can never really get enough
    Get enough of this picture of you in my mind
    Where you glance at me with a mysterious kind of doubt
    Get enough of the echoes of your warm, soft voice in my ears
    Telling me how cute this haircut makes me look
    Or get enough of the fact that you and me
    are two different souls,
    With different emotions towards each other
    But with a similar comfort zone called denial.

    You say we already failed before we began
    But what I ever learnt about failing is the must to try again
    So all I ask, is for you to just let me crush
    You believe we don't deserve each other
    And you conclude I should move on
    because you think it's better that way

    But if you're right and it's better that way
    then why does it hurt?
    And if you're right when you say we come from two different worlds,
    Then why do I feel like you are my world?
    Why do I feel that my love for you is kind of round
    Round that my moving on operates in circles
    Circles where I keep meeting up with the fact
    that it's you who I truly love

    Stop telling me that letting you go is the best for me
    Because I never fall in love with the best
    I fall in love with you
    And I feel best while loving you
    so all I ask for again,
    is you to just let me crush!
    ©Lus Aziz Ali.

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