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    Friday, 8 September 2017


    So I have seen a lot of student complaining about financial aid and claiming the economic situation is really demanding. Well, in recent times, money has proven to be of utmost essence .
    By this means, I will be sharing with you guys some easy go do jobs as a student which you can earn from. Enough chit chat, let's kick off;
    1.0 Become An Entrepreneur: This is very common and very helpful in recent times. It requires not much mental ability but physical ability and optimism. You could go to a market and buy in bulk at wholesale price then bring to school to sell at retail price.
    But a need analysis must be undertaken before deciding what product to engage into.
    You need to determine what product is most desired or of great importance and can easily be sold.
    In the long run, you could end up starting your own business.
    2.0 Become A Marketer: This requires effective communication skills and ability to negotiate. Being a marketer, you'd sell other people's product and get commission of each unit of sale. Yours is to determine what percentage you desire from each sale and negotiate with the producer.
    In the case you become sort of an agent. Yours is to cajole people into purchasing the product at the same time performing effectively with an open mind not just for profit making.
    3.0 Become An Campus Ambassador: Companies like Indomie, Pepsi etc grants students the privilege of becoming Ambassadors thus promoting their products in their various schools. This is also subject to commission as negotiated.
    It requires strategic planning and effective communication skills.
    Students easily earn from this.
    I hope I've been able to enlighten you and bring to your understanding that even as a student you can earn and become rich. Do drop your thoughts in the comment section.

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