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    Saturday, 2 September 2017

    Alani's Bossoms By Querly Pen


      Alani the pride of Yoruba man
    _Okunrin akoni_ of no compa rison
    Tall like the _Agere_ of my village town
    If only I could use this piece as a pawn
    Black like the deeper night coon

    A description of every girls dream
    Someone with the sword of love
    That pierce into any pin up lady
    And create a scourge to taste for love
    The one with the crab's eye
    That seems catchy for every girl

    He had girls all over him
    Like the magnitude of his arm
    And the dose he got, was not in drum
    But in seconds he is intoxicated
    A human being with two eyes
    That makes the _Obinrin_ with two breasts
    Blush away like the sand at the sea bank

    Even if they choke him up like houseflies
    That surrounds the decayed foods
    Or they feel cool like early morning water
    That is gotten from the river of _ILARA_
    His heart had been captive by _Ajoke_
    The ones whose water he drinks
    That cooks the food for his spirit
    As if she was destined from heaven

    _Ajoke_ the _Awelewa_ among all the breeds
    That bent to urinate
    _Eleyinju_ that was meant for only _ALANI_
    _ALAREDE_ of the classification of females
    That every _Okunrin_ wishes
    She cooks at their kitchen
    But truly no one was best for her
    Than the Destiny tied man of valour
    Truly AJoke is Alani's Blossom

      + 2348033854010
      Fb: Oduyomi Johnson Barbarjihday
    IG: Inimitable_Bee_Jay
     ©Queerly pen

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