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    Friday, 8 September 2017

    AFTER THE FLOOD | (POEM ON NATURE) | Asuquo Samuel

    The sun was in an angry mood;
    Pouring out its anger on the cloud, instead of the inhabitants of  earth.
    The cloud in turn extended its aggression
    By gathering stormy wind and pouring heavy rain, and  the earth suffered in its retaliation.
    Being a little boy I was so naive to understand the unknown by watching them fight,
    I lost one eye and one leg to a tree fallen tree by aggressiveness of the clouds in retaliation to the sun.
    My screaming for help was overshadowed by the struggling of the living to live on.
    I wandered round in pain and with the hope that the a man's strength in me will save me.
    After all faith in my own  strength, I failed to find my path to my lonely hut,
    All because the pain was coming out so painful from my marrow and my hut I was unable to find.
    Though I may have a man's strength after the flood,
    But where is my hut, in which lies my helpless crippled mother?
    She told me never to leave her side no matter how strongly the wind may blow,
    But I stubbornly left her to find answers to the unknown.
    After so much struggles in finding my helpless mother with tears rolling down my flooded face,
    I saw mother lying cold and breathless and nothing I could do but lie beside her breathless.
    By Asuquo Samuel
    © 2017

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