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    Saturday, 2 September 2017


    This is not just my normal poem
    This muse is not a common form
    It is what made me cried and fume
    And also make me light and smile
    This is the burden I harbor with rue
    This is a song I believe with hope

    The lyrics
    Are still of you

    The Letters
    Are all about you

    The melody
    Is sweeter with you

    It's not about how I compose this
    It's not  my frog voice that cracks
    But something straight from my heart
    That makes my pen bleed
    And made my paper wet

    The pages
    Are all for you

    The inks
    Are all about you

    No rhymes
    Because you're of no match

    A song of hope and believe
    A song of strength and love
    Even though it may seems tough
    And the beat might go off
    But the inner meaning  is love

    The beats
    Are all for you

    The trust
    Are solid for you

    The meaning
    Is truly you

    What if I tell you is a song I wanna hear forever
    That you be here with me like never
    And the symphony was made for us special
    Only if you could tune your hear to it,and feel the lyrics.

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      Fb: Oduyomi Johnson Barbarjihday
    IG: Inimitable_Bee_Jay
     ©Queerly pen

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