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    Tuesday, 5 September 2017


    We are calling for BEST 1-3 poems per poet from Africa (living in Africa) or of African diasporas (one of the parents originated from Africa) to be included in BEST “NEW” AFRICAN POETS 2017 ANTHOLOGY. Poems of any topic, form…preferably less than 40 lines but we will read and consider longer poems too, must be in any African indigenous language plus French, English, and Portuguese. Those in local African indigenous languages should be accompanied by a translation into French, English or Portuguese.

    Deadline for entries is 15 October, 2017

    Entries should be in one doc, include also your contact information, country of stay or country of origin and a bio note of not more than 100 words

    Please adhere to submission guidelines, failure of which we will not consider your poems!

    Entries should be sent to Tendai Mwanaka, Daniel Purificacao, on emails:
    mwanaka@yahoo.com, danieljose26@yahoo.com.br

    NB: Please help us spread word about the call to your network of poets and poetry lovers.

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