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    Tuesday, 22 August 2017


    CHAPTER TWO - Battue Aftermath

    A large crowd had gathered outside. The once lovely home of the Dicksons had now become a scene of murder. The press were present then, even the mayor herself was present. The police tried to hold back the public from knowing what happened but it was already too late.
    Detective John was asking the neighbors questions. After all they were the ones who  called the police, complaining they heard noises from the Dicksons house at midnight.
    "Did you see anyone walk out the house after the noises had stopped?" Det. John asked.
    "No," replied Mrs. Mark; the widow who live next door.
    "Thank you for your time," he responded.
    He walked into the house. The medical team had already bagged the bodies. Yellow tapes everywhere. No evidence of a break-in.
    'Who would do such a thing?' Det. John asked himself.
    He came outside the house and was approached by Mr Thomas; Dickson's business partner.
    "What the hell happened here?" he asked inquisitively.
    "Um, excuse me sir, this is an investigation scene. You're not supposed to be here."
    "What do you mean? I'm his business partner. I saw him yesterday evening. Is it true what people are saying? Is Dickson dead?" Mr Thomas rained questions at Det. John.
    "I'm sorry I can't tell you anything. You're gonna have to follow me to the station for some questions." Det John responded earnestly.
    "What! Am I a suspect now?" Mr Thomas asked furiously.
    "Your cooperation will be appreciated, we're just trying to understand what happened last night." Det. John replied.
    Mr Thomas humbly obeyed, though it was obvious he was terrified.
    The incident made the news. Every channel station and radio station were talking about it on air.


    "Okay, let's go over this again, huh?"
    "I already told you what I know, what more do you want?" Mr Thomas asked furiously.
    Det. John sat on the chair before him and folded his hands.
    "He left work early cause he wanted to go home?" Det John asked nicely.
    "Yeah, that was the last time I saw him."
    "You know, some would think you murdered Mr Dickson so you can get the company all to yourself," Det. John responded mildly.
    "What!" Mr Thomas yelled. "That's it. I wanna speak with my lawyer."
    Detective John got up and left the interrogation room.
    "Any luck with that?" Captain Jack asked.
    "Nope, just an innocent man who lost his business partner." Det. John replied deplorably. "Any news from the autopsy report?"
    "Well the cause of death is multiple stab wounds on the chest. Both father and mother except the daughter, whose death seemed like a suicide." Captain Jack replied.
    "A ten year old girl wouldn't know the first thing about committing suicide." Det. John responded in a baffled manner.
    "Another mystery."

    Mrs mark was washing her dishes when she noticed the lights went on in the Dicksons house.
    'Who could be there by this time of the night,' she said to herself.
    She got her phone wanting to call the police but she didn't dial the emergency number. Instead she left her house and walked to Dicksons house.
    The lights began flickering, the front door shut itself behind her as she walked in.
    Out of curiosity she shouted, "Anyone here?!" But there was no response.
    She kept moving further, her will grew stronger.
    There was a loud noise upstairs, she got more anxious.
    She walked into Esther's room, it was dark and she couldn't see. She tried to bring out her phone from her pocket so she could turn on the Flashlight but it fell from her hands.
    She crouched to pick up her phone, she felt something push her from behind, she fell on the floor.
    Looking around but no one was there, she hurriedly got up and ran towards the door but it slammed her in the face and shut itself.
    She began banging the door and yelling out for help. "Somebody help!" she screamed.
    The strange voices started, the wind blew shut the window. She grabbed her phone and put on her Flashlight.
    She was panting, terrified. A shadowy figure appeared behind the curtains. It spooked her. Her phone fell.
    She screamed HELPPPPP!!!

    Written by @wordsmithpraise
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