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    Tuesday, 22 August 2017


    CHAPTER THREE - Widow's Demoniac.

    Since the death of the Dicksons, Greenville has not been the same. Rumours that a serial killer now dwells in the town has spread out like wild fire.
    The police still looking into the case. Investigations went on, the people were terrified. The Police department placed an early curfew, trying everything possible to keep the public at rest.
    No one noticed the disappearance of Mrs Mark. Neighbors simply thought she'd travelled or had decided not to come out anymore.
    Detective John was on patrol that day. He thought he'd stop by and see how the widow was doing, since she's not been out lately.
    He parked his car, walked towards the front door and knocked. There wasn't any response.
    He noticed newspapers laying down before the door, so he picked it up.
    "Yesterday's paper. Mrs Mark!" he yelled. "I'm coming in."
    The house was quiet, he quickly brought out his gun. He searched everywhere but couldn't find her. Her clothes and stuffs were untouched. 'She couldn't have traveled without taking any stuff,' he said to himself.
    He walked out of the house yelling out to the next door neighbor. "Hey! Yes, you."
    The old man who was mowing his lawn turned around.
    "Excuse me, when was the last time you saw Mrs Mark?" Det. John asked nicely.
    "Uh, I saw her last night." the neighbor responded.
    "What about this morning?" Det. John asked
    "Haven't seen her this morning."
    Numerous thoughts came running into the Detective's mind but the most possible one was that she's been killed. Maybe by the same serial killer that murdered the Dicksons.
    "I can't jump into conclusion yet," he said to himself.

    Greenville Police Station.

    "What's this about?" Captain Jack asked.
    "Uh, so I went to Mrs mark's house but I couldn't find her and her stuffs are still intact." Det. John replied hastily.
    "Whoa, calm down, No need to jump into conclusion yet. She could have got one out early this morning or something."
    "But I keep trying her cell, it rings but she doesn't pick up."
    "Okay, Why don't we go over and check the house again, huh?" Captain Jack asked.
    "Let's." Det. John responded bravely.

    A young boy was riding his bike in the neighborhood, he was putting on a headset which made it impossible to hear his surroundings.
    He rode fast as though he was in a hurry. As he passed the Dicksons house, he saw something through the windows. He looked towards the house whilst pedaling and unknowingly ran into a tree.
    Face Disfigured, Neck broken, Excessive bleeding from the head. The young lad's journey had come to an end, unfortunately.
    The Passers-by that witnessed it screamed out for help. Luckily the police just arriving.
    "WTF! Another unexplainable case." Det John said, looked towards Captain Jack.
    In little time,The medical team had already gotten there..
    "Det. John was awed at the incident. ''This is more than an accident. It can't be a coincidence that when he happened to pass in front of this house was the moment he rode into a tree.''
    The incident almost made Detective John forget the reason he was in the neighborhood.
    "Detective John, what is it you wanted to show?" Captain Jack stated.
    "Oh! I almost forgot. Mrs Mark's home is totally untouched but she's nowhere to be found."
    "Are you sure about that?" Captain Jack asked boldly.
    They both walked towards the front door and knocked. There wasn't any response at first. Just as Captain Jack was about to hit the door off it hinges. The door opened, it was Mrs Mark.
    Detective John was shocked. "Uh, I came to your house earlier but you weren't around."
    "I merely went for walk." she replied slowly.
    Captain Jack looked at Det. John, he patted him on the back and apologized for disturbing Mrs Mark.
    He and Det. John turned around and walked away.
    Detective John turned back slowly. He saw her eyes turn black for a second. His heart skipped a beat.
    "Hey, are you okay?" Captain Jack asked with empathy.
    "Um, yes."

    Written by @wordsmithpraise.
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