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    Wednesday, 30 August 2017

    [Short Story] "IF YOU TELL ANYONE"

    Dad was a very busy man
    Whose job was more valuable than his little angel
    Spending time with me was a sickness to him without medication
    For all what he knows best was I'm always okay with the luxurious gift he sent home
    Mother! whose heart has been carried away by the saint way of living of a stranger, entrusted me in his care
    To love, care and protect he vowed
    For he was pointed out to be the most noble among all
    Due to his admirable personality he pretended to be
    When ever I'm close to him, he seem so sincere in his love and affection
    That I forgot the distance in our relationship
    He made me believed that all of his actions and doings was right
    And I fell into his web by entrusting my tender heart in believing him to be nothing but just an uncle
    He showers me with sweets and biscuits
    And I was carried away by the comparison of him been far better than my own blood
    Each night fall, he kept on telling me stories that made me wish that mother should not return
    For I find peace and good sleep after each-night-bed-time stories tells
    As silence consumed the environ, I gave off my spirit to sleep,
    Far asleep I now become with vague of thought that uncle was protruding his fingers in my valley
    That wasn't enough, I woke up to catch him protruding all of his manning strength into my valley
    And I was swimming in my own blood bearing the pain caused by my own parent all alone
    His eyes was full of guilt and when I asked him, why did he have to cut off my flower so soon before ripen?
    All he said was he was checking, if I will grow up to have the ability to give birth to a child
    With nothingness to react for door was lock tight, music was loud and the sun has gone to rest
    I tried to scream but I was push back to the bed with my mouth close and a warning words of "if you tell anyone, I will kill you"
    Since from that day, the trauma I now dwell made me so scared of spending time with any man when ever mother ask me to, even my dad, I was afraid of him
    For I kept on dwelling in the realm of nostalgia cause by my daily reminiscent of my tender encounter on how my virginity was taken away.

    By Asuquo Samuel
    © 2017

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