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    Thursday, 31 August 2017

    [Poetry] Isọkusọ

    Like the way beer flows into a cup
    As water meanders from the mountain top
    Smooth on the tongue is the flow of wine
    Smoother, is how words from my lips twine

    Like the thrilling spirit in alcohol
    My words gyrates the cerebral wall
    My words would make Mesmer himself mesmerized
    My Magnetic verses will keep him hypnotised

    "Your mouth is like the taste of brown honey"
    Said the lady my words made lonnie
    "You'll really line girls up with no break of sweat"
    Lol, if only she knows, pretty girls don't like Poets

    Words may make a girl's pupils dilate
    But money would make her tears reverberate
    I may use words to paint pictures of riches
    But at the sight of Gucci, Ha, her vagina twitches!!

    See, this Poet has no clothes of fancy
    Nor the swollen pockets to fulfill fantasies
    He has words, _isọkusọ_, inspired by a muse
    The muse, a pretty girl, that calls it all a ruse

    See, this Poet will probably be seen alone
    But not for once does he feel lonely
    Because this poet has already found love
    It's like a romantic song, the melody is lovely.

    She cares not if my pockets shrinks
    She smells nothing, even if my clothes stinks
    She waits everyday with her leaves spread
    Like a woman waits for a man on her bed

    No matter how many times I poke her with my pen
    She airs no pain, housing me in her den
    Deep inside there is where my love lies
    For she sees it all, my truthful lies

    She hears it all, the _isọkusọ_ in my voice
    She takes all verses, like she really has no choice
    And the only time she open her lips, she says :
    "LOrenz, pour out your heart"

    *LOrenz O' Valor*
    © *2017*
    All Rights Reserved

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