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    Saturday, 26 August 2017

    Poetry For Your Soul - A Letter From Two Sisters To PaPa


    We are one of those boats
    lost in the anger of a raging sudor;
    We've long hawked the song of sadness,
    strummed on strings of black notes roughly
    written on the cheeks of a million contusion.
    Those scars sleeping between our thighs
    as a result of the multiple sug5dor splashed
    from the stimulation of men,
    have buried their obscurity
    in the silhouette of our anguish.
    Our breasts became a factory
    for their wicked-coated tongues,
    making our temples as their
    place of worship.

    Papa, we are those struggling voices
    swimming their way through for
    survival in the raging sudor of men;
    our voices drown daily, deep and deep,
    after our oxygen masks played
    lottery with the raging sudor.
    Papa, the slate of our hearts
    can't contain the writings of our anguish.
    But papa, know this:
    You are one of those men...
    You lashed us thrice with your sudor
    on different occasions,
    we cried in groaning pains
    but our cries caused no heartache
    to your dying conscience.

    Papa, let this letter lie with us in our graves,
    for it will travel with us
    to be read in the other world.


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