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    Tuesday, 29 August 2017


    There is always an important instrument that determines how much and long people will go in life.
    In the context of life there is a paramount tool which makes people in a  nation live calmly; in a war-free state.

    In a fantasized fascinating nation, where uneasiness is filled to brim, where violence and lust is their watch word...knowing fully well that unity and love are one of the most powerful sword that can establish peace in a nation. You know peace is the war that makes everything easy. It is when there is peace as war, as a global war that all will be brought under this war called peace.

    Peace isn't just in war, it is in the positivity of people, the focus we have  to achieve, the goal to make things great in the nation, that is peace, that is what peace means.
    Peace entail a lot of thing such as the mind; just one mind, the heart; one heart. Unity; helping one another most especially in love.

    The existence of peace in a nation elevates welfarism and promote cordial relationship between man.

    A nation without peace is absolutely void of communication which affects lots of situation which can eventually lead to loss of trust and decrement in humanity expositions.

    A Nation needs to understand the essence of peace and its concept so as to reach the peak of their highest height.

    Peace curbs fallacious judgement, peace makes the prince of peace reign our lives especially when we desire it as a necessity ..
    Peace can't be achieve by a person in a nation because two heads are better than one but peace can be expressed by someone.

    We don't want ordinary peace but a real peace to raise the standard of our living .

    Let dare peace to reign for us to be there. It begins with you and with me.

    Written by


    ADEDOYIN is also a motivational writer , she wants to  impact into youth life , trying to elucidate to youth of her generation that success is not elusive .
    In her school fellowship she is the supervisor for academic 2017/2018 set.
       Adedoyin ,wish to be an actress and a TV  presenter ........
    Emai: adedoyinpaulbusayo@gmail.com

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