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    Thursday, 3 August 2017

    NEW SERIES ALERT!! - "LISTEN" a Horror Series.

    CHAPTER ONE - The Beginning

    It was New year's eve, everyone was getting prepared for the forthcoming year. The Dickson family were the most excited of all. Decorations around the house, the whole neighborhood knew they had money. The town, Greenville was the most serene of all towns. As the name goes, Greenville, the town's filled with tress and grasses which makes it the most beautiful of all places. The habitants of the town were all merrily prepping for new year, running around buying gifts, little did they know things were about to change.
    ''I gotta get home, I'm gonna be late for dinner and you know how my wife behaves when I get home late,'' Mr Dickson said.
    "Your excuse to leave work early, eh?" Mr Thomas asked jokingly.
    Mr Dickson and Thomas were partners, running the most thriving business in Greenvillle; Dicthom industries.
    "Wish Mary a happy new year for me."
    "heh, sure," Mr Dickson grinned.
    Mr Dickson stopped by a gift store to buy his wife and daughter a new year gift. That's where it all began.
    "Evening sir, what would you like to buy?" the Salesman asked gently.
    "Uh, something unique and out of the ordinary, something kids would love."
    The Salesman reached out for a Figurine, held it carefully as though it wielded his life.
    "Here sir is something out of the ordinary," he said with a broad smile on his face that seemed too genuine.
    "Um, if I may ask, what would this be?" Mr Dickson asked raising up his eyebrow.
    "Legend has it that this Figurine holds within it a demon named Duke. A bloodthirsty demon who kills for fun. He was trapped in here by a very powerful sorcerer." He responded in a spooky manner.
    "Uhhhh..." Mr Dickson muttered.
    "Kidding, it's just a tale told to scare kids. Picked this up at one of my museum visit." he replied smirking.
    "You almost got me," Mr Dickson laughed. "I'll take it and something else, that's lovely for my wife."
    He got back into his car and headed home. Esther, his daughter, opened the door and jumped on him.
    "Hey, baby, look what I got you." Mr Dickson said, handing over the Figurine to her.
    "Is this a doll? Yay, Mummy, Daddy got me a doll." she said, running towards her mum.
    "Oh, did he?" responded Mrs Dickson.
    Esther ran upstairs to go play with her doll and her dad and mum talked at the kitchen.

    Twenty Minutes Later :

    The Dicksons were at the dinning room having their dinner. They ate and laughed together. After Dinner, Mrs Dickson washed the dishes while her husband tucked Esther in bed.
    "Goodnight love, sweet dreams." he said to Esther, kissing her on her forehead.
    He then walked out of the room, turning off the lights and closing the door.
    Esther was just ten years old. She left the Figurine on her table.


    It was past midnight and the whole family were asleep that's when it began. Esther started hearing voices, her name being called. She woke up then turned on the lights but no one was in her room. She thought she had a bad dream, so she went back to sleep.
    It happened again, she got up and noticed the Figurine was looking towards her and it seemed as though it were smiling. She walked up to it, took it and threw it at the wall. The Figurine broke on hitting the wall. She went back to sleep thinking the voices would stop but it only became worse.
    She kept on hearing voices, repeatedly. She rolled on the bed and suddenly began levitating off the bed. Then her eyes turned black.
    She walked to the kitchen, took a knife then walked to her parents room.
    They were still asleep at the moment. She held out the knife and............................

    Written by @wordsmithpraise
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