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    Thursday, 31 August 2017


    I never saw you go to war
    But my battles you fought dearly
    Even without holding the sword
    You pierce the problems into pieces

    And those high building obstructing
    You made them crumble for me
    As timid as I was crying
    You never fail your promise

    And when I was so scared
    You played the baby sitter
    And when I was excited
    You play the horse rider

    I may have dipped you into the pit
    And frustrated your love many times
    Here you are like a wit
    You laughed it all and made me prime

    Even though I was insecure
    Of other things on skirt
    You gave me a reason to become
    One of the girl with no fright

    You have been my hero
    Today yesterday and tomorrow
    Even though I might not tell you always
    You are a blessing with no equivalence

    And I don't wanna loose you
    Because you made a cave
    Right in my heart like a burrow
    That only you can engrave


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