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    Friday, 25 August 2017



    "Cross your Fingers, Say your Prayers, Darkness came before light, You shall die during Daylight".

    Those words kept ringing in Jude's head all day, haunting him like a ghost, taunting him continuously.

    Finally he gave up and approached his parents. Coincidentally, The Police just arrived at their residence, following a lead they had. Detective john exited the car, putting on a sunshade and walked slowly to the front door.
    "Hello!" He knocked before the door.
    "You expecting someone?" Jude's Mother queried.
    "Uh, N-no," Jude stammers.
    Vivian, Jude's mother pulled the curtain sideways.
    "It's the Police! Gee, hope we haven't wronged?"
    She rushed to the door, took a deep breath then openes it.

    "Afternoon, I am Detective John from Greenville Police Department and i'd like to ask your son a couple questions," He flashes his badge by his belt hook."
    "Hope no problem Detective?"
    "Just a couple questions, promise."

    He entered their home, slowly orbiting his eyes observing his surroundings. He sat on the couch comfortably, crossing his legs.

    "Jude, Um, The Detective has got a couple questions for you.
    Jude walked over to his position and sat opposite him.
    "I take it, you are Jude; son of Vivian Dale?"
    "Yes, sir."
    "Sure you must have heard about your friends death?"
    Jude looked at his mother, gulped the responded.

    "Alright, if you would just comply, i'd be out of your hair in no time," Det john replied.
    "So A student said, he last saw you and your friends together Right outside the school, in front of a car?"
    Jude's nodded.
    "Okay? Any idea where they were headed?"
    "Uh, to the woods," Jude answered.
    "Okay, for what reasons?"
    'Well, peter is a photographer. So he wanted to take some shots at the woods during full moon."

    Detective John chuckled, 'Cause of a photograph, they all died' he thought.
    "So why didn't you join them?"
    "My parents set a curfew for 6pm, couldn't go out."
    Detective John reclined, and exhales.
    "That will be all, thanks for your time," he stood up and thanked Vivian afterwards exited their home.
    Jude watched him get into his car, his guts telling him to reveal the anonymous message he got. However, he didn't.

    *       *        *         *

    Jude was going home having ran an errand for his mom. He had gone to a grocery store and was returning home.
    He was chatting as he walked, incognizance of his surroundings.

    A guy in a hood ran in to him, grabbing his phone. Jude's adrenaline kicked off. He dropped the groceries, pursuing the thief.

    The guy ran towards to main road as a incoming truck was speeding. Jude was so focused on catching the guy, he didn't look sideway.

    The truck hit him, throwing him off his feet as he stumbled upon the floor with his head bashing the ground.

    Passers-by screamed, "Somebody call the cops!!"


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