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    Friday, 25 August 2017




    Detective John reclined on his seat, with his pen in his hand; tapping the table. He was trying to figure out how all this murders coincided.

    "Detective, someone just called 911!" Officer Ben yelled.
    "A kid was involved in an hit and run accident just at the outskirt of Greenville"
    "What!" Det. John exclaimed. "Tell Captain I couldn't wait for him". #Writersden

    He grabbed his coat and exited the building.

    *         *         *           *

    Jude was being bedridden to the emergency room. Blood was dripping from his body uncontrollably. The nurses wondered how he survived the accident.

    "Someone page Doctor Frank!" Nurse Vero screamed.


    Detective John arrived at the hospital hastily. He inquired about their newly admitted patient.

    "Excuse me, I can't disclose any information to you if you are not related to him," The respondent said.
    "What the.. Where the hell is it?" he searched for his badge.
    "Ah! There is it," he displayed his badge. "Or do you need a warrant?"

    She apologized and took him to the room Jude was admitted into.

    There Jude laid, unconscious, half dead and pale.

    "Jude?" he was amazed.
    "is that his name? We couldn't find an identity card with him or his phone."
    "Oh my God!" he exhaled. "I just saw him yesterday, he was..."
    He turned around, "Who brought him in?"
    "Um, some man. He's at the waiting room right now," she responded.
    "Take me to him." #writerscommunity

    *       *       *

    "So you brought him in? Out of the kindness of your Heart?" he asked.
    Jack Nodded his head in response.
    "So you mind filling me in on the incident?"
    "Um, i was coming out of pawn store when this guy ran past me," he gulped and wiped sweat off his face.

    "Seems like he was chasing someone else, but i couldn't quite see the face. Then-Then, he was hit by a car while crossing the road in pursuit of some guy," he paused, exhaled and wiped the sweat off his face again.

    Detective Johnson looked at him, 'am i to believe what he just said?' he asked him self. #Writingcommunity

    *     *     *


    The door creaked as it opened slowly. The lights began to flicker, an invisible supernatural being had walked into the room.

    A shadow came across Jude who began choking immediately.
    The machines sounding alarmingly, he heartbeat slowly fading.

    *       *        *

    A nurse ran past Detective John, " What's going on?!" he yelled.
    "Patient 205 is collapsing!" she responded.
    He got up on his feet and followed her.

    On getting to the room, the door knob was broken, the light bulbs flickering, the room was scattered.

    "What the hell happened here?"
    Jude was laying still on the bed, whilst the machine read no valid heartbeat within.

    The nurse grabbed the defibrillator, "hold him down!"
    "Charge!" she pressed him hard on the chest but no effect.
    "Increase Jolts to 300," she yelled as she hit him again, still no effect.
    She exhaled, "time of death, 1000 hours"
    "No, no, no.. Try again," Det. John insisted.
    "He's dead!" she screamed.

    "Ahhh! Jude Exclaimed as he gasped for air, having come back from the dead.
    Detective and nurse took a step backwards.
    Both amused at the happening.

    #poetrycommunity #wordporn #microtale

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