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    Thursday, 24 August 2017



     Two teenagers; Jane and Dave decided to have a romantic night out by the Greenville Lake side. Teenagers and their romantic deeds. They set up a camping tent and started a fire with a bunch of woods they fetched. Everything was going perfectly as they wanted until the wind accidentally put out the fire at exactly 8pm.
     Dave decided to start a new fire but his efforts were futile. The intensity of the wind grew immensely; ripped apart the nicely organized tent. Then came the ominous sounds that grew louder by second. The birds were chirping in the trees.
    "Dave, I'm scared. What's going on?" Jane asked with fright written all over her face.
    "I have no idea. Just stay behind me," Dave answered, pulling Jane behind him, who had already began whimpering..
    "Who ever is there should stop this immediately and come out. If this is some kind of prank, I have no interest."
    The wind simmered down and the birds ceased chirping.
    "See everything is going to be okay," Dave assured Jane. He held her by the face, attempting to eliminate her fear.
    A twig snapped behind Dave. He looked back and moved closer to that area. Then he heard Jane yell. He turned around her saw her gasping for air as she dropped dead on the ground. A woman was standing behind her with a heart in her right hand. Dave observed she had ripped out Jane's heart. He yelled and took to heels; running into the woods.
    "Somebody help!" David yelled as he ran non-stop. Relentlessly, he continued running till he slipped and twisted his ankle.
    "Ah! What the?"
    He reclined on the bark of a tree hoping to hide from whatever killed Jane. He was panting, frightened. He did want to suffer the same fate as Jane. Dave pulled out his phone from his pockets but there wasn't any network bar.
    "Shit. You never get one when you need it," He said disappointedly.
    He put on the camera on his phone and began recording.
    "My name is David Alumona and I'm being chased my some woman. She killed my girlfriend. She ripped out her heart right in front of me. I twisted my ankle, no doubt I'm gonna did here but if you do find this, get the freaking bitch."
    He threw his phone into a nearby bush and reclined more comfortably. A twig snapped behind, Dave closed his eyes knowing it was time. He screamed as an invisible force pulled him up the tree. Some seconds later Dave's body fell to the ground headless.

    A group of people were hunting in the woods beside Greenville Lake. One of the hunters found a headless body and screamed. The rest hunters hurriedly gathered to see what happened instead saw a dead body.
    "What kind of animal would do this Bob?" a fellow hunter asked.
    "None that I know of," Bob responded as he brought out his phone and called the police.

    The police arrived the scene some minutes later. Detective John and Captain Jack arrived shortly afterwards.
    "What do we got?" Det John asked curiously.
    "Well, we found and ID card in the victim's jacket. His name is Dave Alumona," Officer Sam responded.
    "Where the hell is his head?" Captain Jack questioned awkwardly.
    "Um, we have no idea sir."
    Detective John walked up to Dave's body which was lying on the ground. 'Another strange unexplainable death'  he said to himself. He heard a phone ringing nearby and traced it to closely. He found a phone lying on the ground, it was Dave's.
    Detective John saw the video Dave recorded on his phone before he died.
    "Captain, I got something," he called out. "I found Dave's phone. You gotta see this."
    He showed Captain Jack the video on Dave's phone.
    "I've seen some crazy shit but a woman ripping out people's heart? That's just absurd," Captain Jack stated.
    "Add beheading to the list," Detective John responded.
    "We gotta search the area for his dead girlfriend's body."
    Jane's body was found by the lake side with a hole in the chest.
    This was another death Detective John couldn't explain. He felt unrest, his will grew stronger.

    Written by Praise Osawaru
    Instagram @wordsmithpraise

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