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    Thursday, 24 August 2017




    Greenville neighbouring town was DUTA; a notorious town filled with bandits and scum bags. The people who lived at the outskirt of Greenville fell victim to Theft, Kidnapping and the likes.

    "Wife, Come see this!" Mark shouted.
    "Another killing! So we got ourselves a serial killer in town. Where's Jude?" Mark's wife yelled.
    Jude ran down the stairs and almost tripped. His mother, Vivian Dale, shouted at him for his carelessness.
    "You called me, anything the matter?"
    "Look at the TV and tell me what you see."
    "Uh, a couple murdered at the woods, dead bodies found in the morning." Jude muttered.
    "So no going near the woods, promise me." Vivian stated.
    "I'm no longer a kid mum!"
    "Son, You get home before 6:00pm. That's Final!"
    Jude had earlier wanted to take permission to go out with his friends later in the day. Now, everything was fucked up. He took his bag pack and his Dad Drove him to school.

    *          *          *          *

    Lectures for the day was over and Jude friends were prepping to leave. He didn't know how to break it to them that his parents requested he be home before 6pm and it was 5pm already.

    As tempted as he was, be declined the offer and walked home alone. They made a mockery of his statement and bolted before his very eyes.

    Jude later got home just before 6pm. His parents had dialed his number severally which he intentionally refused to pick up. He opened the door slowly, unknowingly,They were waiting for him to enter.
    "Jude! Where have you been?!" His dad shouted.
    "Nowhere, i just decided to walk home."
    "Why didn't you take the bus? Those bandits could have been tailing you and Rob you or worse kidnap you."
    "Mum, no such thing shall happen to me," he responded firmly.
    "Dinner is ready, go freshen up. We're waiting," his mum interrupted.

    *      *     *      *

    Dave, Peter, Joan and Chika were returning from their short outing when their car broke down. They were halfway home, close to the Outskirt of GreenVille. It was dark and foggy, no one noticed it was a full moon.
    "Dave, get me my tool box from the trunk, will ya?" Peter owned the car even though he drove it less but allowed them to take it out anytime.
    "Got a flashlight?" Dave asked
    "Yes, There's one here." Joan responded.
    Chika was fast asleep, suddenly she awoke and exited the car.
    "Hey, babe. Where you going?" Peter asked.
    "Geez, can't i take a piss any longer?"
    She moved closer towards the bush and crouched. Her eyes closed, still feeling drowsy.

    Peter fixed the car and Dave requested he try igniting the engine. Alas! Their hearts gladdened.
    Chika slowly walked towards to car.
    "I think i saw a dog, taking a peak while i pissed."
    "Heh, seems you had too many bottles of beer. Get in "
    It was past 7pm and the night grew darker. They continued their journey home even though the fog made it uneasy to drive through. The left tyre hit something sharp and bursted. The headlights went off immediately, birds chirping as they flew by.
    "What's wrong Pete?" David muttered.
    "Nothing to worry about, it's just a flat tyre. I got a spare in the trunk."

    He exited to car to retrieve the spare tyre from the trunk. He felt this shiver as he walked closer to the trunk. Something snarled behind him, he orbited slowly then yelled. Blood splashed over the rear glass of the car.

    "What was that? Chika queried.
    "That sounded like Peter," Dave opened the car door to come out. An invisible force pulled him away from the car. Dave screamed for help 'Help me!'.
    Joan closed the door behind him, She and Chika were embraced with fear.

    Suddenly the car's headlight turned on, A woman stood before them with blood on her clothes. The headlights flickered, the woman had transformed into a wolf.

    It came at them breaking through the front glass screen ripping them both to pieces.

    *     *      *      *      *


    Jude's dad woke up, stood up from the bed and went downstairs to take his early morning tea as usual. He sat on the couch, unknowingly he sat on the TV remote and unintentionally switching it on.
    'Breaking News: Four Young Adults found dead at the Crispy Highway this morning. It seemed like am animal attack but then again, What animal is capable of tearing a human being into pieces?' The newscaster spoke.
    "Vivian!! Jude!! It has happened again oh!"
    Jude ran downstairs at the sound of his dad's voice.
    "What happened, early this morning?"
    "Look at the TV."
    John fell on his knees, "
    "Chika, Dave, Peter, Joan! Its a lie"
    He went back to his room to get his phone, surprisingly, one voice mail.
    Puzzled as he was, he played the audio only to LISTEN to strange random voice followed by a message.
     "Cross your fingers,
    Say your Prayers,
    Darkness came before light,
    You shall die During daylight."
    He cellphone dropped from his hands. He gasped for air..
    Written by @Wordsmithpraise

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