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    Saturday, 26 August 2017

    Horrific Fiction: LISTEN - CHAPTER EIGHT


    Jude was disoriented initially, but soon deciphered his location. The nurse ran out of the room pronto, her fear prevailed.

    Detective John staggered at the sight of Jude's resurrection, amused at such occurrence, _even Jesus stayed three days before resurrecting_.

    "Detective, what just happened?" Jude muttered.
    "Uh, i haven't the slightest idea."
    "Did i die?" Jude responded in a baffled manner, tears streamed down his cheeks.
    Detective John took some steps forward and comforted him. 'Another unexplainable event' he thought.
    "It's okay, what matters is that you are alive now."

    The hospital's security men stormed in only to find the atmosphere serene.
    "No cause for alarm, I'm a detective."

    *       *        *

    Jude had freshen up and his mum had arrived at the hospital in haste. She was greatly happy to see her son alive.
    "Jude! Ha! I have been waiting for you at home but you never showed," His mother said.
    "Er, i had a little run in with a vehicle but i am alright now," jude responded.
    "Ha! How did it happen?!"

    Detective John walked in the room.
    "Mum, the detective is here."
    She turned around, thanked him for ensuring the safety of her son.
    "Detective, if you don't mind we will be on our way now."
    "Um, sorry. I will like to speak with John for some minutes, if you don't mind," Det. John mentioned.

    Vivian chuckled, "I will be out waiting in the car."
    She exited the room, the atmosphere became intense.
    Jude requested the reason for his act but the detective responded that he wanted a discreet conversation.

    "So can you just explain to me what led to your accident, that landed you here?"
    "Uh, I was coming out of a store, then some guy came at me, grabbed my phone. So i pursued him onto the road, unknowingly a car was passing by and i got hit." Jude exhales.

    "The next thing i know was waking up to you and that nurse," he stated.
    "Well, you passed out, were in a little coma then you kind of die, then you resurrected."
    "I died?" Jude giggled.
    "Yes, you did. Do you remember anything whilst you were passed out?"
    "Am i supposed to remember anything whilst unconscious?" Jude Squeezed his face.
    "I'm just- if you remember anything useful, come tell me,okay?"
    "No, problem. Can i go home now?" Jude pointed towards the door.
    "Sure," Det. John coughed.

    He knew it wasn't over and felt some unexplainable things at work but hell, he wasn't a believer. He never went to church nor did he ever believe in such spiritual beings exist.

    Jude exited the hospital gladly and his mom drove home hastily. She hated the fact that her son was being subjected to queries from the detective.

    *       *        *         *


    Detective John walks into his office, surprisingly The Captain was waiting for him already.
    "Where ya been, dude?"
    "Uh, You wouldn't believe me even if i told you," he responded.
    "Well, i need your help with some case, There have been animal Attacks Downtown and we've received several complaints. I want you to check it out now!" He slammed the files on John's table.
    "But, it's late..."
    "No buts," Captain hushed him.
    "Hasn't he seen any Horror movie? Never go to an animal clinic at night! Fuck!" he yelled.
    He grabbed the files and headed our to his car.

    Some minutes later he arrived at  *Cute Animal Clinic* downtown. The building seemed old, no houses nearby and the electricity was fluctuating as the lightbulbs flickered.

    He felt nervous to enter but hell was it his job. He knocked before the door which creaked open upon him knocking.
    "Hello!" he yelled but no response.
    He brought out his flashlight, turned it on and walked in.
    "Anyone here? This is Greenville police department. I got some questions."
    He heard a loud bang upstairs and decided to take the elevator.
    Just as he opened it, two angry dogs jumped at him. One holding onto his jacket with its sharp teeth, the other sinking its teeth in the detectives laps.
    "Ahh! He yelled, his flashlight fell. It rolled and revealed a couple more dogs approaching.
    He held the first dog and flinged it aside, brought out his gun and shot the other.
    He click on the elevator button pronto, but it seized working.
    He noticed a nearby window, ran towards it and jumped through.

    *      *        *        *

    Jude just finished having dinner and went to the restroom to brush his teeth before bed.
    The lights flickered, he looked at the bulbs, then continued brushing his teeth.
    He felt something in his mouth and spat it out.
    A tooth fell out, accompanied with blood.

    The lights went out again, it came on back. A woman was standing beside him. He wanted to scream but she gripped him and covered his mouth.
    "You thought you could escape me. I am everywhere!"
    _'Who are you'_ Jude thought.

    Writersnetwork, readwriteunite, nigerianfiction. 

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