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    Thursday, 13 July 2017


    Seeing you coming my eyes reach out to yours
    And I felt your present down to my bone marrow

    The love that I promised to give to you is down to your shadow
    For I had never met a lady who's clothed in the vesture of the sun like you

    You capture every fiber of my being even to my spirit
    And I'm lost in the dream of you been in my arms when ever you're close by

    You're the image that tells the moon what to shine on and that's how you're in my eyes
    And I always woke up every morning to appreciate the morning sun because of you

    Your smiles is much alike like the brightness of the sun and that's true
    For you imprison me with every of my daily doings with day dreaming of you

    When ever a word comes out from your mouth
    I felt it deep in my ears like the fresh morning palm wine

    For that am here on my knees to ask you to come and dwell in my vineyard
    In other to make my unripe heart for love become blossom

    "Will You Marry Me", are the only words I haven't used on any one since my birth
    And the perfect time is now, so please don't let me use it the second time.

    By Asuquo Samuel

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