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    Wednesday, 5 July 2017

    “What Do You Want Most In Life?”- Ask Yourself

    This question has baffled people since humans first became dissatisfied with cave dwellings and tried to make life more comfortable. Perhaps the following comparison between a failure and a successful person will help answer the question.
    The successful person knows precisely what he desires, has a plan for getting it, believes in his ability to get it, and devotes a major portion of his time to acquiring it. The failure has no definite purpose in life, believes that all success is the result of “luck; and moves on his own initiative only when forced to do so.
    The successful person keeps abreast of times and makes it an important responsibility to know what is going on, not only in his own business, profession or community, but throughout the entire world. The failure concerns him only with his immediate needs, acquiring them by whatever means available-fair or foul.
    The successful person keeps his mind and outlook on life positive at all times. He recognizes that the space he occupies in the world and the success he enjoys depend upon the quality of service he renders. The failure looks for “something for nothing” .And when he fails to get it, he blames the greed of others.
    The successful person has a keen respect for his creator and expresses it frequently through prayers and deeds of helpfulness to others. The failure believes in nothing but his own desire for food and shelter, and seek those at the expense of others when and where he can.
    All in all, there is a big difference in both the words and the deeds of the successful person and the failure. But each person is where he is and what he is because of his own mental attitude towards himself and others.        
    © Praise Osawaru

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