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    Wednesday, 12 July 2017


    I'd rather be a warrior of word
    And pierce through people's heart
    Than to fight with a sword
    And make people shed tears of defeat

    I'd rather sadden your face with the alphabet
    Than showing my aggression with a blow
    I'd rather have your tears with deep thought
    Than inflicting pain to your jaw

    And with my pen comes the ink
    That last so long than a bullet
    The same bullet that write pain
    Can turn around to excite

    With my pen I need no shield
    It cause hurt not to the physical
    But make the heart bleed
    And fill the face with smile

    I'd rather have hate with an article
    Than have blood in my hands
    While they desert you like the monk
    I heal just with the words

    I'd rather write it in the book
    The scourge I feel in my heart
    Than spit it out like a crook
    And you'd have nothing to read after I left

    I'd rather focus on the mind
    And start my change from within
    Than holding the bullet in my hand
    And pull the trigger from the hind

    Tell me who is the real warrior
    Than he that shows valour with the pen
    That wouldn't make people tremble with fear
    But capture the mind of men

    And there's nothing precious as the letters
    That travels through the world
    That taste sweet, sour or bitter
    But Peirce through without bond

    When next you see someone with a pen
    Writing straight from the heart
    Know, he is an oracle in the den
    And more powerful than the soldier in a combat.

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      ©Queerly pen

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