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    Monday, 24 July 2017

    TRUTHFUL LIES - Compilation

    This is a compilation of "Truthful Lies" series of poem i wrote.

    I've always been scared of the dark,
    But she's engrossed with Stygian,
    My Shadow alone frightens me,
    But she sleeps peacefully lightless,
    So I told her there are monsters under my bed.

    Her beauty is incomparable,
    But I fear my heart has paired with another,
    Do I tell her I don't love her anymore?
    Do I say the rain has quenched our burning fire?
    Oh! I'll say I don't feel her love for me any longer

    Your words collapses my castle of thoughts,
    I'd be lying if i said i'm not amused,
    But to open up is like ripping out my heart,
    And to stay quiet is like sealing my lips,
    So i'll just smile and tell you truthful lies.

    Yes! I lied,
    Only to save you from the truth,
    There are truthful lies,
    There are deceitful truths,
    I'm a slave to them both.

    ©wordsmithpraise 2017

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