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    Friday, 14 July 2017

    Our Future - by Tina Dent.

    Our future is on the streets
    Wearing crop tops
    And ripped jeans
    Saying there's no money to feed
    But give em paper and they roll it up with weed

    Our future is out back
    Filling up its nose with crack
    Or is it coke?
    Doesn't matter, it wants to get high
    On spirits and smoke

    Our future is on Facebook
    Looking for whom to poke
    Cause even if it faces its book
    It seems like a waste of paper
    And in the end only
    Trees suffer

    Our future is out at night
    by the road
    Its body being sold
    For things less than gold
    Clad in nothing
    Hoping for a lil something something

    Our future is in no hurry
    Giving cause for worry
    It is cheating itself
    And its not even sorry
    While it slowly ruins itself
    Our past is in power
    Planning on keeping it forever

    ©Tina Dent
    You're good Tina dent...

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