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    Sunday, 2 July 2017

    Only In Nigeria (OIN) - Police; Your Friend and Fiend #1

    Only In Nigeria (OIN)
    Episode 1

    POLICE Your Friend and Fiend

    Appreciating an official in his duty post is just okay! Giving tips to Police officials, Traffic Agents, on their posts is just okay! Just that it is voluntarily, out of volition...

    But it is only in Nigeria that Police Men mandate you to "roger" (give a certain amount of money to them).
    It is a must o! For they settle at strategic places on the road, stopping buses, and private vehicles. A bus driver who has nothing or refuses to give will be cleared; "common pack! I come here con play? Clear well!" bellowed a police man, a supposed friend to this civilian bus driver....
    His Vehicle papers, license and all are valid, yet he doesn't leave without giving his Police force friends money! Why?
    Government doesn't pay them; they haven't been paid for months now, how will they pay bills, take care of their children, wives and families, let alone themselves....
    Chie! I feel their wound-holes, after all, Police is my friend....
    But what does the Government say, who even is 'Government'?

    Commissioner of Police alleged that every Police man is been paid, and should be reported if they are seen taking 'bribe' of any kind, from anyone....!
    The Police men did not hear that warning, they go about lording over 'bloody civilians', that's what our friends call us, they have guns na, so who dare resist them, they are vindicated thieves!

    It is only in Nigeria that Police Force, our friends, arrival at a crime scene after the felony and the armed culprits are all gone, despite been called when the heat is on...
    When they come, they take charge, like a mad woman who caught fire they run and catch boys randomly, oh our sons, tagging them potential suspects, this act is called "mass arrest"... why na?
    The informant must be close by, Armed Robbers couldn't rob a place without information....
    Oya, question our sons and release them na....
    Never! Our friends prosecute our sons, maltreat them, and release them on bail with N10,000; the least they can manage is N3000.... {attol attol na im bad pass}
    What did those boys do?
    Chie Police is your friend, to protect you and uphold the law;
    A law those Police men are ignorant of...

    It's only in Nigeria no citizen has right, what is human right? Human right is just two words, "Human" and "right" nothing more, nothing less!
    A Police man can do just whatever he likes to a lowly citizen without any questioning! Yes na; they enforce the law, no one said they are under the law, a law known to only Legislators and Lawyers!
    Please, don't go about learning the Nigerian Constitution, just to state it when you are being oppressed by a Police man! An averaged Police man is not educated, and has no slightest idea how to serve his country, all they know is that they are our FRIENDS, and they are in charge of the Friendship!
    Motorcyclists see Police men for what they are: "Fiends"!
    "How I go carry my okada come out to hustle for my family now wey things dey cost, dey hard like say tomoro no dey, na im police go con stand for road dey collect N100, unto wetin na, I dey work for police???" Papa Chima does not think it's a funny predicament
    "Omo I don pay them o, na so last time I do strong head, they cease my bike, na N5000 I pay to release am from police station after two weeks, so I dey give them their way o, I no want wahala o" who wouldn't fall to the defense like Chukwudi a widowed father of four?
     These friends of ours are really hitting us hard o, when two Cyclists were shot dead in the territory for not cooperating with their forceful friends(the police men were hidden when a riot stroke); when they feed whoever they desire to their cells, when their training and skills are fully shown to unarmed citizens, while they turn mere citizens with their uniforms off when tough Bandits strike!
    There are records of good deeds of Police Men if this article be honest! But their ills, their wrongs, and numerous faults overwhelms any good deed did!
    Nevertheless Police is your friend!
    And if you don't like the friendship, you have no choice!
    If you want to complain about the friendship, there is no one to complain to!
    If you decide to imitate me and write on it, write to fill the galaxy, nothing will be done!
    Nothing Will Change!
    So endure in Nigeria!
    Avoid what you can; survive! Stay alive! Live!
    But "Wahala" is not only in Nigeria! It's just everywhere!

    SirKelvin Joseph

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