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    Monday, 3 July 2017

    “Mentor-ship; A Prerequisite To Success”

                    Successful people are in the habit of searching for and connecting with mentors, who coach them to achieve more with their lives than they could ever achieve on their own the mentors are people who exceptional at what they do. These men and women have a proven track record of success excellence in their chosen career and business. They know how to produce consistent results and they perform effortlessly.
                    One of the fastest ways to create a successful life is to connect with masters of the art of success. Become a protégé and learn from these distinguished men and women who can mentor you t success in all areas of your life.
                    There is no need to make mistakes you can avoid because you want to make it on your own. In fact, trying to make it on your own in life is foolish when you can succeed faster through the expertise, training, experience and wisdom of others who have gone ahead of you. They have already made most of the mistakes you will ever make and they have worked solutions to them. Because of these reasons, your success rates will be faster than that of your contemporaries who have no guides to show them the easy way to success.
                    Your mentors don’t have to be near you physically. You can connect with them through their books, tapes, DVDs, CDs, Videos, and earn other materials which they produce. If you want to grow and become more excellent at what you do, you must learn to have an open mind.
                    The quickest way to learn from your mentor is to ask them question and write down their answers. Whenever your mentor opens his or her mouth to speak, take notes as fast as you can. When you are in the presence of your mentor, don’t socialize.

                    Remember the Chinese proverbs, “A single conversation across the table with a wise person is worth a month’s study of books”.
    ©Praise Osawaru

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