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    Thursday, 6 July 2017

    “Do You Know What You can Achieve Through Imagination?” – Ask Yourself

                  You have at your own command the power of imagination in two forms. One is synthetic imagination, which consists of some   combination of known ideas concepts, plans or facts arranged in a new way. The other is creative imagination.  It operates through the sixth sense and serves as the medium by which new facts or ideas are revealed.it is also the medium for inspiration.
                    Thomas Edison used synthetic imagination to invent the incandescent electric lamp by bringing together two- well known principles. Taking his cue from the principle that nothing can burn without oxygen. Edison placed a wire in a bottle and pumped out all the air. He then applied electricity the projecting wires and the incandescent bulb was born!
                    Your five physical senses give you contact with the physical world and make available to you, its nature and usages. But your sixth sense, which operates through the subconscious section of your mind, gives you contact with the invisible forces of the universe. It makes available to your knowledge you could not otherwise acquire. It becomes more dependable through regular systematic use.
                      A very effective method of making use of the sixth sense is to write out a clear, concise description the problem you wish to solve or the objective you desire to attain. Repeat this several times a day in the form of a prayer. The prayer should be founded on faith so definite and strong that you can see yourself already in possession of your objective.

                    If at first, this method does not bring the desired results, keep on trying. Remember, whatever your mind can conceive and believe your mind can achieve.

    ©Praise Osawaru

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