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    Monday, 3 July 2017

    “Change Is An Evidence Of Life” – It’s Inevitable.


                    Change. I hope this word doesn’t scare you, but rather inspires you. A living thing is distinguished from a dead thing by the multiplicity of the changes taking place in it at any moment. Change is an evidence of life. It is impossible to grow without change. Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. Change is inevitable; it is a natural law and phenomenon.
                    What people want is progress, if they can have it without change. Impossible! You must change and recognize that change is your greatest ally. The person who never changes his opinion never corrects his mistakes. The fact is- the road to success is always under construction. It is always a Work-in-progress
                    Yesterday’s formula for success is often tomorrow’s recipe for failure. You cannot become what you are destined to be by remaining what you are. Only fools and dead men don’t change minds: Fools wont. Dead men can’t. The same kind of thinking that has brought you to where you are will not necessarily get you to where you want to go. When you change yourself, opportunities will change.
                    Don’t fear change, for it is an unchangeable law of progress. It is most unhappy people who most fear change. When patterns and traditions are broken, new opportunities come together. Defending your faults in and errors only proves that you have no intention of quitting them.
                    All progress is due to those who were not satisfied to let well alone enough. They weren’t afraid to change. The man who uses yesterday’s methods in today’s word won’t be in business tomorrow. Change isn’t your enemy- it is your friend!
    © Praise Osawaru


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