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    Saturday, 1 July 2017


                                                  3 Easy Ways To Make Money Online.        
                    I have seen a lot of people stay idle yet waste data on the internet, so I decided to write this. I’m of the belief that the internet is more than just where we should just catch fun. No rule says we cannot have fun while we earn. After all, the fun itself is not really free. We all buy data to access the internet. So, what if we also make some money out of it? I mean, what if we decide to earn legitimately from it? It is on this ground that I am bringing fresh online ideas that you can tap into. They are ways to make money online rather than being idle and wasting data. More still, they are in great demand. You just need to know where to look on the internet. If you pick one or two from the list of these ways, you will soon discover that all you need do is learn the ropes of how to go about it.
                    So are you ready to earn some money online? If your answer is “yes”, then read on.
    1. Start a YouTube Channel: Starting a YouTube Channel is the simplest way of making money online and needs no investment. YouTube gets over 5 billion video views per day which proves its power on the internet. It’s suitable for people who love creating videos, love talking in front of a camera or shoot shot films. You can start by visiting YouTube.com, create a channel and upload videos.
    ·         Create YouTube channel around a specific theme such as Humor, Tutorial, Entertainment, etc.
    ·         Start posting your videos. Generally the more views the more beneficial it is.
    ·         Give your best to engage with your audience and study comments to learn what they expect.
    ·         Monetize – The more views you get, more money you’ll earn. You just have to enable the monetize option in your YouTube Channel Settings.
    1. Start a Blog: Being a blogger is one of the easiest ways to earn money from home; so long you’re creative and can overcome data light supply issues. You don’t need to work all day; you can work at any time of the day at ease. BUT beware blogging takes time before it starts making money for you. It requires knowledge in writing in an effective way. You can either open under www.wordpress.com or www.blogger.com .
    ·         Start a blog about something in which you are really good at.
    ·         Limit your blog to a particular domain.
    ·         Try to give a lot value to your readers.
    ·         Monetize – You can monetize your blog by recommending products and services related to your blog. Another way is you can pace Google AdSense ads on your blog. More clicks on your ads, more money you’ll make.
    1. Affiliate Marketing: This is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards certain percentage of commission for each product bought by customers who are brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. It’s suitable for people who love to talk, write, explain and have the ability to persuade.
    ·         Select an online product which you are very conversant with.
    ·         Places to find products: www.clickbank.com , www.shareasale.com , www.jvzoo.com .These websites have thousands of products listed.
    ·         Choose a product that pays at least 50% commission on each sale.
    ·         Monetize – Just make more people to buy the product through your affiliate link. Create a Facebook page or banner ads with the aim of promoting the product.
    NOTE: Tell them how the product will help them solve their problems.

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