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    Friday, 23 June 2017

    Mama Africa


    A land of diverse cultures united with the heart of life.

    Of the wild nature beautiful in it's essence.

    Of beauty beyond compare, the wilds and green tempered.

    From the thick forests of a long lost Kilanga, thriving with green mamba's and bängala, to the sweet flowing honey combs of Zimbabwe.

    Oh Africa, hear my cry.

    Of a black beating heart.

    The beauty of Africa wanes, from generations of a wayward world.

    I look around me mama, and see a world of black souls yearning to be what they never will.

    Trampling upon priceless heritage in quest of glittering shaft.

    I look all around and cry for all I see. Ebony and Opal fading to porcelain.

    Oh Africa, hear my cry.

    Of a black beating heart.

    Which beats for unity,

    And bleeds for love

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