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    Thursday, 22 June 2017

    Love Struck - Chapter Thirteen


    My naked eyes stayed throughout the night. I could barely sleep, countless thoughts running through my mind.
    ‘If only the brain had an off switch,’ I said to myself.
    My heart had begun to melt over Paula. I imagined her beside me for a second but my fantasy was interrupted by the thick sound of raindrops descending upon the roof.
    The cloud had poured out it tears in a rush, the wind increased its velocity. The night became even darker, everywhere noisier. John was still sleeping; I guess the noise the rain didn’t bother him.
    Rolling severally on the bed, being unable to sleep. I decided to picture what would have happened if Mr. Andrew hadn’t interrupted our romance. The fantasy lasted for a while, till I finally fell asleep.

    * * *
    During lectures, Paula sat beside me but acted like I wasn’t there. It was like someone plunged a knife into my heart.
    “Daniel? Are you with us?” Mr. Andrew yelled out.
    “Uh, yes sir,” I responded boldly.
    “So what was my last statement?”
    “Um, you were talking about,” I muttered.
    “You said Managerial Functions,” Paula intervened.
    Mr. Andrew told me to move to the front sit, it was an embarrassing moment.
    However, lectures ended and everyone dispersed but Mr. Andrew asked me to wait.
    “What’s wrong with you?” He asked.
    “Nothing sir,” I responded bravely.
    “Okay, you may leave.”
    How weird he was, never talking too much, always reserving his comment. Anyways, after leaving the class, I didn’t want to go to cafeteria. I guess I didn’t want to see Paula. On walking in the hallway, I saw a poster on the wall, ‘Football Practice Today.’
    I went to the school’s stadium immediately. It was my first time being there, I’d never been to a stadium before. I merely watched football matches on TV, nothing more.
    “Hey, you!” the coach shouted.
    “Me?” I responded.
    “Yes, you. Come over here.”
    I hastily went to meet him
    “Ever Played football before?” he asked.
    “No. I do watch football matches though,” I responded shamefully.
    “We got a rookie here!” He shouted. “Go change into these and let’s train.”
    I collected the jersey and changed into it. Running around the field was exhausting; I wondered how those payers made it through a whole match. Even though I was exhausted, it felt good learning something new. Experiencing another thing I never got the chance to do, it felt fulfilling. I was doing pretty well and the coach was impressed.
    After practice, he told me I did well for a rookie that he’d like to see more of me around. I felt this joyful feeling, having someone believe in me. It almost made me forget Paula. Like I said ‘almost’.
    “Hey, Danny. You got to come see something, “John screamed from behind.
    I rounded off my discussion with the coach and urgently followed John.
    “You’re not going to believe this, honestly.”
    “Whoa, whoa. What’s that?” I asked curiously.
    “Look at that.” John said with a still voice.
    At the sight of that, my eyes became wet instantaneously, my heartbeat increasing rapidly.
    “Who’s that?” I asked.
    “I don’t know but he kissed Paula,” John responded.
    “Yeah, I saw that,” I replied folding my knuckles

    Written by Praise Osawaru
    Instagram: @wordsmithpraise.

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