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    Thursday, 22 June 2017

    Letter to my love

    "Letter to my love"
    My life is incomplete without you,
    You are what makes me happy,
    Your smile keeps me going,
    Your love keeps me alive.

     When  you are away the day seems longer,
    And when you are around the days goes faster,
    How i wish time could stop even for a day,
    So we can do the lovely things you always say,
    You and I are fated to walk this earth together,
    What we have no one has,you and I one forever.

    Your smile is satisfying
    Your eyes forever shining
    Our tales ain't gonna be like Romeo and Juliet
    We'll dance by the beach till sunset

    Our love is gonna make history
    Between us there would be no mystery
    And if I die, I'll see you in my next life
    Better still we'll meet in the after life
    P. S I love you


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