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    Tuesday, 27 June 2017

    I Hate You - [POEM]


    I am the loather of your soul
    I despise you in whole
    You are fully execrable
    Sheer waste, bad and detestable
    I yearn for your deliquesce in my incinerating odium
    Eat my spite, be soaked in delirium
    Yes, degress, now slowly pierce each hone of my miff
    Bleed, let your blood leak to my peeve
    Oh die already; here a gun, a bomb, a knife
    Enter my room of Hate, lock the door, bomb your life
    Kill yourself, slice your body parts like leaves, die
    Sink your head in a heated Oven, burn, die!
    I hate you well, so well that you should hate yourself
    You're like a tattered swollen empty book in a shelf
    A drugged animal, waddling groggily, tottering to death
    Make me smirk and snigger, go drown yourself to death
    Or wait, take a nap in an electric circuit like a blanket
    But first, whittle your eyes in their sockets
    Despite these advices you're standing there gawping
    Don't you get it, I despise you, I detest your life, stop gaping
    Go slay it, go extinct for my hate
    Get rid of yourself, your whole self terminate
    See, your time is running out, my hatred is not a slug waffling slimy words
    I abhor you and desire you dead, don't strain my vocal chords
    It's just us here, kill your life, lest I'll kill
    You're wasting breath, birds are hungry, die now to be a meal
    And don't worry about the memories we shared, I'll drop all in Atlantic
    I'll so fleetly forget you like it's automatic
    And as for the pictures, I see their burnt debris fluttering
    The kisses we kissed I made a mist, they're still disappearing
    What else, em, the feelings and affection and all tosh are dead!
    Hatred, anger, distraught and more hatred are here instead
    So, are you taking this gun or should I pull the trigger?
    For one of us must die here, my hate is eager, a hunger breeding anger
    Please if you truly did love me, take your blood with you
    Die for me, kill yourself, because I deeply hate you!

    Precious Poetry™

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