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    Wednesday, 28 June 2017


            {A MUST READ} – HOW TO MANGE TIME.
    Time can be very unkind to people who waste opportunities. Time can be a loving friend or an unforgiving foe- depending on the use to which it is put. We have often heard people say that they are ‘killing time’. How wrong! You cannot kill time. When you ’kill time’, you are actually committing suicide. When you give people permission to waste your time, you give room to commit murder. Who are they killing? You of course!
    Losers waste time. Mediocres spend more time. Winners invest it.  What is spent is gone but what is invested gives the hope of a dividend. Time never dictates the figure you write on your cheque. It simply pays according to the strength of your deposits- in time!
    In time, what was sacrosanct sometimes become variable.in time opportunities becomes achievements and achievements metamorphose into legacies. In time, settlements become empires and commoners become nobles (or vice versa).
    Stop complaining about what you lack. As long as you have time, you have everything you need to succeed. Even if men have written you off in the present, make a compelling case for succeeding as a form of showing them that time is the most accurate prophet.
    You succeed or fail in time. However, time is not directly responsible for either of these two outcomes. You are! Find time commune with your Maker. Find time to work. Find time to study. Find time to invest in your career or business. Find time to plan.
    Remember, those who manage time well are in turn, treated well by time. Money mistakes can be corrected, but time is gone forever!

    ***Please, do well to comment if reading this has taught you something or motivated and inspired you. 

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