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    Monday, 26 June 2017

    5 Tip to staying Happy

        Happiness is a goal so many people set to achieve. Do you know that after all is said and done, after all your efforts to be known, to make money, to get a job, to get married, to be heard, the most important question to ask yourself is ‘’ am I happy’’
    There are people that have everything going on perfectly in their lives, and still don't feel happy; reason is because happiness is a feeling, not a thing?
    These are some incredible ways to live happy and stay happy.

    1. Decide to Be Happy - This is very important. It is the first step to help boost your happiness. There should be at least one or two things that make you happy. I know someone could say nothing. Truth is, even if you feel like there is nothing, you should be thankful for life.
    Be thankful because you are better than those that are dead.
    Once you find a reason to be happy, it strengthens you and keep you happy. Maybe you don’t necessarily have to tie your happiness based on a thing or an event. It could be on some good achievements you had, your family, some qualities you possess.
                    2. Be with happy People - Another way to staying happy is to be with happy people. Just like magnet, the happiness attracts. You can’t be with people that are always moody, negative, unappreciative, not motivating and expect to stay happy. It doesn’t work that way.
    The more you hang around happy people, the more you become a happy person. Go on movie dates with family and friends, organize a picnic, and never get boring. Try to always stay happy.
                    3. Do What You love - Doing what you love is a sure way to staying happy. Imagine offering a course or working where you don’t like, you struggle with it, and eventually get frustrated. Doing what you love is a practical step that keeps you busy and focused. It could be a course, new skill, finding your passion, helping people, anything that makes you happy literally. Once in a while, see some movies, talk, and smile and just be happy.
                    4. Change your thoughts - What you think about steadily affect your state of mind. Never accept any form of negativity, be in charge of your own happiness. Occupy your mind with positivity, achieving goals, making new friends, saying no to being judgmental and many more. Happiness is a state of the mind. Excessive thinking wouldn’t help you live a happy life. Remember, happiness is the best food for the soul.

                    5. Love yourself - Loving yourself, staying kind to yourself keep you constantly happy. When you learn how to love yourself first, the opinions of others don’t get to you. You are just happy and at peace with yourself. Treat yourself to nice meals, spa, exercises, nice outfits, vacations and so on. Once you learn how to do this consistently, you discover you are already a happy person by default .There are so many reasons to be unhappy, but there is always one reason stay happy. Happiness can never be bought. It comes naturally from your actions or how others make you feel. There is more to life than staying sad, decide to be happy.

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